Cloud Audit

Optimise your cloud solutions with our expert guidance


Leveraging the cloud will help you reach your business objectives

The numerous benefits of cloud computing have made it a fundamental part of modern business technology, but is your business getting the most out of its cloud solutions? AffinityMSP can help you get maximum value out of your current cloud infrastructure with our in-depth Cloud Audit.

Our experts will analyze how your employees use your organisation’s current cloud solutions, then measure its effectiveness before providing recommendations to improve productivity and efficiency.

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What makes our cloud audits so valuable:

Comprehensive independent audit

As a pair of fresh eyes, our experts will see your cloud infrastructure from a different point of view from your in-house IT staff

Security testing

We’ll thoroughly test the cybersecurity measures that protect your cloud infrastructure against threats and mitigate any security loopholes or exploits immediately

Save money

By finding inefficient or duplicated IT processes, the audit shows you which services you don’t need, saving you a lot of money

What our Cloud Audit covers

We’ll provide you with a blueprint of your IT infrastructure as it stands and give recommendations that deal with:

  • Technology
  • Efficiency
  • Costs
  • Security

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